Thursday, September 27, 2007

Miro: offline Youtube application for Mac

I've been looking for a YouTube front-end application forever, for three reasons:
  • the browser isn't integrated with my keyboard's Play / Stop buttons and my apple remote
  • YouTube history sucks, as it gets wiped every session
  • I want to watch all those illegal music videos wonderful user-generated movies offline
Here's what I found so far:
video player

It does concurrent downloads, and tags the unseen videos. This is convenient because I can get multiple variants of the same video, and see / delete the bad dupes. Unfortunately, it doesn't meet my main request -- no integration with the keyboard or apple remote.

Hope this helps people looking for something similar! Please comment if you find something better.

Happy watching,


  1. You should check these ones too. Me I can't test as I still have a good old PC laptop

    If any of them is better than what you have then drop a line at review section for the rest of us

  2. I like TubeTV better, since it was released for free.

    It's main advantage is that it "rips" YouTube videos straight into the iTunes library, and they can be quickly synced to an iPhone / iPod.